Sabra’an Davis

    • A small-town girl with a big passion for dogs.
    • Specializes in West Highland terriers but adores all breeds.
    • Boasts 14 years of invaluable experience in the world of dog care.
    • An avid learner, seeking new knowledge and insights daily from each unique dog.
    • Takes the time to form meaningful connections with every pup and client, ensuring personalized care.
    • Thrives on challenges, embracing them as opportunities for growth and understanding from all perspectives – for herself, the dogs, and the clients.
    • Possesses a deep understanding of what’s best for the well-being of dogs.
    • Cherishes quality family time.
    • Enjoys the rhythm of line dancing for fun and recreation.
    • Finds delight in hunting and fishing pursuits.
    • A passionate traveler, exploring new places and cultures.
    • Enjoys nurturing nature through gardening.
    • Embraces an outdoorsy lifestyle, connecting with nature’s wonders.
Role: Salon Manager

Sabra’an Davis’s small-town charm, unwavering passion for dogs, extensive experience, and diverse interests make her a dedicated professional who always strives to provide the best care for every dog and client she serves as Salon Manager.